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C.A.R.E. Program
Principles of Operation
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Approvals & Standards
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Product Information
C.A.R.E., Certified AirMask Repair Education, is a new training program that
combines and replaces MSA's prior Level II and Level III self-contained breathing
apparatus (SCBA) maintenance courses. Successful completion of the “Technician”
level C.A.R.E. program certifies an organization as an authorized MSA air mask
maintenance center, enabling C.A.R.E.-certified technicians to perform the highest
level of SCBA maintenance and repair on MSA air masks. Prior to attending a
training course, the sponsoring organization must have the necessary tools,
lubricants and sealants and an authorized MSA tester to perform proper air mask
maintenance and repair. The authorized MSA air mask testers are the Posichek 3
with MSA software, the Procheck tester and the Accucheck tester. At the completion
of the one-day training program, each attendee must successfully complete a
written examination of information presented during the course. Based upon
examination results and an evaluation by the instructor of the attendee's
performance during the course, MSA will notify the sponsoring organization as to its
certification as an authorized MSA air mask maintenance center.