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Duo-Flo Respirators
Approvals & Standards

  NIOSH/MSA approvals and certifications.


  Toxic Atmosphere - non-IDLH

Product Information
  MSA offers Duo-Flo respirators in both Constant-Flow and Pressure-Demand versions.
Constant-Flow respirators are normally used where an ample air supply is available, such
as that provided by an air compressor. Pressure-Demand respirators are generally used
where only compressed-air cylinders are available. Duo-Flo respirators feature air-purifying
canisters to protect against a wide variety of contaminants. Duo-Flo respirators are popular
in the pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical and nuclear industries. The unique D/PD
switchable exhalation valve, standard on Pressure-Demand respirators, also makes these
units especially well-suited for abatement work. This MSA respirator should not be used in
atmospheres containing less than 19.5% oxygen.