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FireHawk® Air Mask (SCBA)
Approvals & Standards
 NIOSH CBRN Approved
 NIOSH Title 42
 NFPA Standard 1981 Compliant
 NFPA Standard 1982 Compliant

 Clan Labs
 Electric Utility
 Fire Fighting
 Oil and Gas

 Confined Space
 Oxygen Deficiency
 Toxic Atmosphere IDLH

Product Information
 MSA’s FireHawk® air mask, our latest SCBA platform, takes its name from our
highly successful FireHawk mask-mounted regulator and demonstrates innovation
with an all-new Airframe™ carrier and harness assembly. The FireHawk gives you
more safety and ergonomic features than any other SCBA on the market, and some
of them can even be added to existing Vulcan carrier and harness assemblies for
firefighters who want more features on their same great SCBA. MSA is standardizing
our family branding of SCBA, and the “FireHawk” name will identify NFPA-compliant
air masks used by firefighters. Industrial air masks now bear the trademark
“AirHawk,” and law enforcement (tactical) SCBA are called “BlackHawk” air masks,
replacing the “Custom 4500,” “Ultralite,” and “MMR Xtreme” names.

“Protecting the protector” has been our calling for 90 years, therefore, MSA works
hard to provide firefighters with the most safety features available on any SCBA.
MSA’s patented Quick-Fill® system makes every SCBA capable of both receiving
and donating air to firefighters in need. Although the NFPA standard requires all
brands of SCBA to incorporate the RIC connection, only the MSA air mask can make
full utilization of the fitting with our exclusive transfilling capability. An NFPA-compliant
emergency egress system, integral to the SCBA waist belt, is available as an option.
This rescue belt comes complete with Kevlar line (50 feet or 75 feet) and rappelling
hardware. The Airframe™ carrier and harness comes standard with large side
handles and a central attachment point for pulling firefighters to safety in rescue
scenarios. MSA’s Ultra Elite® facepiece is designed with a one-way check valve to
prevent cross contamination among firefighters. Although regulators are shared
among users, harmful pathogens (SARS, hepatitis, flu virus) are kept within each
individually-issued facepiece. Wireless electronics add safety benefits by eliminating
snag hazards that can accompany unnecessary wires on an SCBA. CBRN positive
protection is provided by MSA’s exclusive Tetraplex™ shield, which serves as the
first line of defense in preventing chemical warfare agents from any initial contact
with the critically important second-stage diaphragm. A new insert, now standard on
all MSA cylinder valves, reduces the thrust of cylinders if they are mishandled. A
buddy light on the MSA heads-up display lets others know when you are low on air,
reinforcing the distinct communication of the Audi-Larm®. The Heads-Up display has
an automatic dimming feature in low ambient light to protect the visibility of