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Priority Safety Services
"Your Safety Is Our Priority"
Priority Safety Services
"Your Safety Is Our Priority"
  • Digital display with LCD back light
  • Sensor information and calibration is stored within sensor memory
  • Several data transmission options available
  • Zero suppression and correction
  • Smaller housing design for narrow wall mounting locations
  • Self-diagnostic functions by microprocessor
  • Electrochemical sensors for most semiconductor gases
  • Built-in sampling pump
  • Easy replacement of pump and sensor
  • Two alarm levels, plus trouble alarm with relays
  • 24VDC operation
  • Optional NEMA 4X housing available

  • Semiconductor
  • Chemical Processing
  • Laboratory
  • Manufacturing
    The GD-K77D is a complete sample drawing gas monitor, including digital
    readout and alarm relays. A new gas sensor technology using an intelligent
    sensor for remote location calibration and setup is used. The new GD-K77D
    sensors are designed to provide a longer time period between calibrations.
    Calibration intervals have been cut in half to12 months of on-line service which
    equates to reduced maintenance cost. In addition, the sensors can be calibrated
    away from the gas detector installation, for example in a service area or offsite.
    This eliminates the inconvenience of having calibration gases in the fab or
    monitoring location. GD-K77D easily connects to an existing PLC system and is
    ideal for applications needing a local readout or where a relay control is needed.