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Blackhawk™ Tactical Air Mask (SCBA)
Approvals & Standards
NIOSH Title 42 · NTOA Member Tested and Recommended

Clan Labs
Electric Utility
Fire Fighting
Oil and Gas

Confined Space
Oxygen Deficiency
Toxic Atmosphere IDLH

Product Information
All-black Hycar or silicone Ultra Elite® facepiece available in three sizes, Nightfighter
Heads-Up-Display mounting bracket, and SpeeD-ON® Kevlar facepiece harness.
Firehawk Push-to-Connect Mask-Mounted regulator has neoprene intermediate
pressure hose, variable flow bypass system and purge button. Nightfighter
Heads-Up-Display (HUD) low-pressure warning device and cylinder pressure gauge
system consists of a transmitter mounted on a gauge line and facepiece-mounted
receiver. Features glass-reinforced composite backplate, harness with
flame-and-heat-resistant (FHR) Kevlar waist belt, shoulder straps, pull strap, optional
FHR shoulder pads, lumbar pad, FHR chest strap and an adjustable Kevlar cylinder
retention strap with over-center latching system. A black FHR cylinder shroud
encompassing cylinder and air mask components eliminates reflections that would
compromise concealment. Choice of low-pressure L-30 Stealth, or high-pressure H-30
Stealth, H-45 Low-Profile Stealth or H-60 Stealth carbon fiber cylinders. Optional
shoulder-mounted Quick-Fill® system for rapid cylinder filling in tactical situations.
Work-line accessory enabling SCBA connection to portable air-supply system and hard
or soft storage carrying case available.